Men's f3 Casual T-Shirt

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Midweight - F3 stands for Form Follows Function. Our casual t-shirt accentuates a fit, v-build because the seam placement was influenced by modern comic hero art. Unlike most any other casual tee shirt you have a choice of torso length. While most shirts are shaped like a cylinder, Guroo t-shirts are athletically contoured to eliminate blousiness and create a more masculine fit. Soft, thick cotton with 10% spandex means the shirt will not stretch out or slouch as you wear it. This cotten tee will not get as fuzzy as other shirts from the dryer because of the extra long fibers.


  • – Long fabric fibers are durable in the dryer
  • – Flat seams for comfort against skin
  • – 10% spandex is NOT skin tight but means shirt won’t stretch out as you wear it
  • – Soft, thick cotton to avoid slouchy look
  • – Silky microfiber fabric for neck tag to increase comfort
  • – No blousiness in back of shirt
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