Guroo Active INVENTS performance accessories

Data drives design and our products serve as solutions to everyday problems.  Our Arctic Ears were created because we wanted to wear our headphones during our winter commute on the train, but also wanted to stay really warm.  Guroo's Active Ears came from the common problems associated with wearing our Beats headphones during workouts - they got soaked with sweat, they smelled bad and the material wasn't holding up. Now we can protect our headphones during a run or a lift. We use fabrics from the same sources as the largest active wear companies, but we decided not to push all the science in your face. Instead, we see a collaborative model where we listen to you and gather data to build really useful accessories that solve problems.

"Guroo Sleeves are fun! Great for sweaty classes when we are doing arm balances to prevent the slip and slide!"

Joan Hyman
Senior Teacher, YogaWorks

"The compression Guroo Sleeves provide almost acts as 'support beams' for your arms, giving you a strong and comforting wrap around the muscles which make everything feel sturdier."

Erica Majtenyi
Vinyasa Flow & Power Yoga Instructor

"Amazing and sexy. Guroo Sleeves give me grip and edge to float, balance and deepen my practice with proper form."

Marxel Léobez
Power Instructor, CorePower Yoga LA